Service Details

Family Office Trustee

With growing wealth and complexity of Family, there is a need for Family office structure which can be best done in the form of a Trust. Trust structure not only provides the ring-fencing of the assets for the beneficiaries but also to distribute the wealth in the best possible manner. We provide a wide range of Family office services as trustees wherein we help in structuring, advising, administering and managing the Trust. We being a corporate Trustee take an unbiased view on the basis of documents and structure and advice of the wealth manager appointed by the settlor/ protectors.

Scope of Service

  • Initial Meetings for understanding the family structure and explaining the advantages of a Trust Structure & Suggesting appropriate structure for the family via trust and wills depending on asset holding
  • Vetting & executing the Trust Deed & getting the Trust Deed registered
  • Obtaining the PAN/TAN for the Trust along with Opening & Operating bank / depository / custodian account / PMS accounts for the Trust
  • Appointing a Portfolio Manager / Investment Manager and completing all the required documentation for the same based on Client’s instructions
  • Monitoring and managing triggers as per trust deed and the objectives of the trust
  • Preparing and maintaining proper accounts of the Trust, getting the Trust account audited, Filing income tax returns of the Trust, or providing tax calculations as per Trust Structure
  • Ensuring compliance with the constituent documents and regulatory framework
  • Providing quarterly / annual updates on the Trust Corpus, as agreed with the Client