Investor Greivances Mechanism

In all cases, where MCTSL is providing Trusteeship Services, investors can seek redressal under SEBI and Corporate Governance guidelines, relating to late/non creation of security, non-receipt of accounts, reports, information, non-payment / late payment of interest /principal on debentures. In addition, queries if any pertaining to the issue and servicing of debentures may be lodged through the Investor Grievance Form

You may also send your grievances to our dedicated email id or write to us:

Email us on : investorgrievances@mitconcredentia.in

Write to us on:
Compliance Officer,
MITCON Credentia Trusteeship Services Limited
1402 & 1403, 14th Floor, B-Wing,
Dalamal Tower, Free Press Journal Marg, 211,
Nariman Point, Mumbai- 400 021

While lodging a complaint it is necessary for investor to mention following:
> Nature of Complaint
> Name of Issuer Company
> Holding details including ISIN
> Full Name of Debenture Holder
> Correct Email ID

Upon receipt of the complaint, in case complaint is required to be escalated to issuer company by MCTSL, same shall be escalated within 7 days of receipt of complaint.

MCTSL after due verification shall send intimation of redressal/resolution of complaint via email / letter as applicable within the timeline.

If the investor is not satisfied with the redressal/resolution of the complaint by Issuer/MCTSL, investor can lodge the complaint on the SEBI Complaints Redress System - SCORES (https://scores.gov.in/)