Service Details

Security Trustee

As Security Trustee or Security Agent, Trustee would hold in a fiduciary capacity the current and prospective assets and security interests of underlying assets of a borrower for the benefit of the lenders. The Security Trustee/Agent would be providing a range of services spanning from holding security created in its favour to monitoring, maintenance and leveraging assets portfolio for the corporate borrowing programme in a cost effective manner as an integral part of the corporate value chain.

Scope of Service

  • Vetting of Financing documents on behalf of the Lenders and review, execute the Security Trustee Agreement and other Security documents pursuant to the terms agreed between the borrower and lenders
  • Cause the borrower to create Security in favour of Security Trustee for the proposed loan for benefit of the Lenders
  • Register and/or file with the concerned regulatory authorities like Sub-Registrar of Assurances, Registrar of Companies documents like deeds, agreements, forms as applicable on behalf of the Lenders
  • Keep in custody the documents, deeds and writings in relation to the properties / assets secured in favour of the Security Trustee
  • Periodic Monitoring and preservation of the secured assets and “security-cover ratio” and compliance of all other covenants by borrower on behalf of lenders. Compliance with other non-financial terms
  • Daily valuation and monitoring of listed shares, sending reports, issuing notices (top up/top down), etc. in case of Loan Against Shares (LAS)
  • Issuing NOCs for future borrowing to the Borrower in accordance with the transaction documents and upon verification of available security cover
  • Promptly inform the Lenders on becoming aware of occurrence of any Event of Default and take such action as decided between the Trustee and the Lenders along with necessary action for enforcement of security