Service Details

Share Pledge Trustee

Loans are given against Shares of the listed/Unlisted companies are pledged with Trustee. Listed shares are monitored on daily basis and reports are provided to borrower/lender along with various trigger mechanism provided in the transaction documents. Apart from Monitoring of listed shares, various other fiancial/non financial covenant are monitored and reported on regular basis. Default mechanism is in place for enforcement of shares as per the instruction of the lenders.

Scope of Service

  • Reviewing transaction documents and devising formats for monitoring reports in consultation with the Lenders
  • Holding the shares under pledge, assisting in filing necessary charge forms
  • Compliance with regulatory reporting under SAST Regulations as may be applicable
  • Monitoring of listed shares and providing reports on regular basis
  • Providing top-up notices on financial/non financial covenant
  • Issuing notices in case of defaults
  • Enforcement of Shares pledged in case of default and as per the instruction of the Lender
  • Servicing of interest and principal payments