Service Details

Trustee to Alternative Investment Funds

Alternative Investment Funds under the Securities and Exchange Board of India (Alternative Investment Fund) Regulations 2012 (“Regulations”) means any fund established or incorporated in India in the form of a trust or a company or a limited liability partnership or a body corporate which is a privately pooled investment vehicle which collects funds from investors & is not covered under the SEBI (Mutual Funds) Regulations, 1996, SEBI (CIS) Regulations, 1999 or any other regulations of the Board to regulate fund management activities. Broadly, Alternative Investment Fund is classified under Category I, Category II & Category III.

Scope of Service

  • Vetting of PPM, Trust Deed, Investment Management Agreement and the Contribution Agreement and assisting in application for registration of the fund under SEBI (AIF) Regulations;
  • Liasoning and co-ordination with Investment Manager and SEBI for any queries /discussion with respect to an application made;
  • Apply for PAN/ TAN for the Trust and Scheme, Opening / operating Bank Account, Demat Account, Broking Account, Custodian Account of the Trust and Scheme;
  • Signing of trust/scheme financials, Issuing auditor appointment letter, Coordination with Auditor, etc;
  • Follow up and liaisoning with the Investment Manager for filing of necessary periodic compliance reports with SEBI & other regulatory authority (as per Regulations and various circulars issued from time to time)
  • Follow up for obtaining and review of Quarterly Compliance Reports (required to be submitted to the Trustee) and other necessary information on the fund (including Fund financials, Investor Report etc.) & obtaining and review of annual Compliance Test Report