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Trustee to Public Charitable Trust

A charitable trust is an irrevocable trust established for charitable purposes, and is a more specific term than "charitable organization". In India, trusts set up for the social causes and approved by the Income Tax Department, not only get an exemption from payment of tax but also the donors to such trusts can deduct the amount of donation made to the trust from their taxable income.

Such Charitable Trusts can be created for advancement of education, child development, promotion of public health and comfort, relief of poverty, furtherance of religion, or any other purpose regarded as charitable in law. Benevolent and philanthropic purposes are not necessarily charitable unless they are solely and exclusively for the benefit of public or a class or section of it.

Scope of Service

We act as trustees for the Public charitable trusts and provide corporate trusteeship services for the administration and management of the trust. We act as either the sole trustee or corporate/managing trustee along with other individual trustees as per the clients’ requirement. Services provided as the managing trustee include:

  • Review and provide inputs on the draft trust deed to ensure that the same is in accordance with the applicable laws
  • Assist in execution and registration of the trust deed with the relevant statutory authorities (Charity Commissioner/Registrar of Assurances)
  • Assist in obtaining the registration under Income Tax Act for the trust
  • Open and operate trust bank /demat accounts
  • Apply for PAN /TAN of the trust
  • Undertake operations and activities of the trust in terms of the trust deed and take all necessary administrative actions for the fulfilment of the trust objective
  • Maintain proper books of accounts of the trust, get the accounts audited, file income tax returns etc.
  • Filing of annual returns with the applicable authorities including the Charity Commissioner.